Want to become an affiliate of Premade and help us sell some beautiful logos?

Our Affiliate Program was designed to reward you and our designers by providing a 5% commission and a unique 10% discount code for your followers. Everyone wins!

About us 

Simply put; Premade helps designers sell their logos. Designers who don't have a huge following normally have a really tough time selling logos. I have literally helped designers build careers, be able to provide for their family, and gain necessary experience. That being said, I have new designers selling with me everyday and therefore have more logos than I can sell on my own!


  • Have a minimum of 500 followers on at least one of your social channels.
  • Be active – upload, stream, or tweet regularly.
  • Be a positive member of your respective community. I have no interest in working with any type of negativity.


    This affiliate program was inspired by the Kontrol Freek Partner Program