Why should I sell with you?

We have been in the forefront of the Premade market in E-sports for over 6 years. We were the first store created for e-sports designers to sell their work. We are by far the largest, have the most website traffic, and sell the most logos.

Can I sell my logos in other places?

The short answer is: No.

If you have a logo for sale in more than one place there is always a chance that it can be sold at or around the same time on both sites. I'm sure you can imagine how bad that would be.

Can I sell logos by myself?

Certainly! All we ask is that you ask them if they saw your logo on this website first. We do give credit to all designers on the website and it is not uncommon for clients to contact designers directly. If they do it is fair to expect that you will pay us the usual commission rate after you take payment for the logo. If they have no idea who or what Premade is you are free to sell them the logo on your own. It is imperative that you let us know before you sell it so that we can remove the logo from the website as soon as possible.

Why is your commission fee so high?

Our commission fee is actually the lowest of all of our competitors. Sites similar to ours actually take between 40-80% of every sale while we only take 30%.

What do you do with the commission fee?

All businesses need a positive cash flow to continue. A lot of the money we take in sales goes back into the business. This includes ads and giveaways to grow the business which ultimately helps to sell your logos faster.

How do I apply to sell with Premade?

Thats easy! But if you read the terms and conditions you would know already ( ͠• ͜ʖ͠• )