- Logos must be vectored

- We reserve the right to decline to sell any logo we feel doesn't meet our standards.

- We will provide a template for your presentation. You may not add any words, extra watermarks, or additional logos on the presentation.

- Once your design is sold you may not re-sell it

- Customer purchase includes 1 free color/text change


Is there a fee to sell logos?

No upfront purchase is necessary to upload and sell logos on Premade Designs.

What is my commission on my sales?

Each time we sell one of your logos, you will receive 70% commission after processing fees*.

 How will I get paid for my sales?

We typically use PayPal to pay designers.

*Card processing charges a fee of 2.9% + 30 cents.


- Customers may ask for small changes to a design such as color changes or name additions in which case you have 24 hours to make the necessary changes to the design, if needed. After which, you will email all files to unless told otherwise. If a client contacts you directly regarding your logo please refer them to us to be sure that you do not hand out files to people who did not purchase the logo.

- On special occasions (such as e-checks), payment for designs may take 3-5 business days to be sent to the designer.

- Design files should be neat and contain multiple versions of the logo. Below is a video explaining how to properly save files.


At any time up until 6 months after a purchase, a client can commit fraud and "charge back" their purchase. This means that they contact PayPal or their bank and claim that they don't recognize the purchase or someone else purchased it using their card. It is an annoyance that unfortunately designers and anyone who does business online has to deal with. 
When a client files for a charge back the money automatically gets taken out of our account, followed by us submitting proof of purchase to fight the dispute. This includes rummaging through emails and waiting up to two months for the proof to be viewed. There is always a chance that we may lose the dispute and never receive the money back. 
In the event of a chargeback, we require the payment you received for the logo to be refunded to us until the dispute has been handled. If the case is decided in our favor we will return the payment immediately. If the case is decided against us the logo will be posted on the Premade website to be sold again.


You made it!

You can now apply to sell with us.