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Premade Quarantine Contest

The Brief

Hey! I was recommended to you by one of my friends. He said you're the person to go to if I needed a new logo so here I am! I am creating a Call of Duty eSports team to start, but the goal is to expand to other areas of eSports. The team name I am thinking of is "Sole." The definition I am using as a reference is "one and only." I am open to Sole Gaming or Sole eSports so it is completely up to you on what you feel looks best. I am giving you full creative control on what you do for the logo whether it be a mascot, lettermark or icon logo. After some research into eSports logos, blue seems to be an overused color so I am open to any colors EXCEPT blue.

The Rules

- This should go without saying but any copying of existing logos will not be accepted
- You may submit as many entries as you'd like. Enter by tweeting and tagging @Premade on Twitter with #PremadeQuarantineContest 
- The contest will end May 1st.
- Have fun!

The Grading

Logos will receive a grade 1-10 on each of the following:

  • Hitting the brief. Make sure to read the brief carefully and use it as a reference.
  • Practicality. Does the logo make sense? Does it fit the team name? Does it belong in eSports?
  • Originality. Does your logo look similar to other logos? Is it memorable? Has the typeface you used been overused?
  • Scalability. Does the logo look good scaled big and small?
  • Creativity. Is the logo clever? Does it contain any surprises or tricks?

The Prize

1st Place: $50 + 2 weeks of commission free sales on including 1 week of homepage logo spotlight
2nd Place: 2 weeks of commission free sales on including 1 week of homepage logo spotlight
3rd Place: 1 week of commission free sales on



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