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Application to Sell

Premade is currently the most exclusive website with the highest standards to sell logos on. We accept about 1 in 10 applications. With our cross-promotion strategy, your work will be viewed by thousands of potential clients on a weekly basis. Before applying, you MUST read the Terms and Conditions.

Check out our FAQs for more information.

Premade Work

Custom Work

Custom work is currently invite only. You may receive an invite after proving your work ethic after selling Premade logos for some time. If invited, your services will become a product in our "Request Logos" section. Clients will be able to view the work you provide and hire you to create a custom logo for them. Once they purchase your services you must treat them with 5-star quality service. Any complaints and your services will be removed from the "Request Logos" section of Premade. The client's purchase includes unlimited revisions so choose your prices wisely. Note: Unlimited revisions does not mean unlimited concepts.



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